11 Point Pest Control Checklist For Your Home

Everyone wants to enjoy a pest free home and keep their loved ones safe. While some pests are tiny little critters that will somehow make their way into your home, their is a lot that you can do to prevent an infestation to occur at your home. So we have prepared an eleven point pest control checklist for you to keep pests away from your home and lowering the risk of a pest infestation. Professional pest control in Melbourne can help you eliminate pests as well. However, the below checklist will be of help to you.

11 point pest control checklist for your Melbourne Home. 

  1. Regular cleaning takes the top spot on the list. It is a fantastic idea to keep your homes always clean and tidy to make it unattractive to any pests.
  2. Ensure fly screes fitted correctly free of any damage and fix any gaps and tears.
  3. Regularly mow your lawn & remove weeds from the garden. Trim those trees and any vegetation around the exterior of your home.
  4. Store raw food air sealed containers.
  5. Remove cobwebs both inside your home and around its exterior.
  6. Check for the leaking taps to reduce any water sources for pests.
  7. Check for cracks & crevices around your home and organise for repairs accordingly.
  8. Make sure your garbage bins have secure lids and that the do not have any cracks.
  9. Reduce pest harborages by discarding any old or unsused items such as cardboard boxes and unused clothing.
  10. Clean your gutters regularly and keep them free of any leaves & debris.
  11. Contact a professional for your general pest control service to treat both the interior and exterior of your home.

We at Hero Pest Control provide general pest control services in Melbourne for your property in the south eastern suburbs. Therefore, we go that extra mile to provide you the best pest control experience. All our services come with free service periods, which means for a certain period after our service, if the problem reoccurs, we will come back and treat the problem for free.

So if you have a pest problem that you cannot control yourself are in need of professional help, it’s best to get in touch with us. We promise to help you make your home pest free.  Contact us best pest control in Melbourne.

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