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In Australia there are over 4000 known species of ants. Ants are considered a pest in Melbourne when they infest buildings and surrounds, and feed on human foodstuffs. They can be controlled with good food hygiene, sprays, dusts and baits. An ant colony can contain thousands of ants.
At Hero Pest Control Melbourne, we provide effective ants pest control in Melbourne for your property. When providing ants control, our technician will do a full inspection of the property and then do an internal treatment and external ants treatment.
Internal ants treatment includes spraying the skirting boards and treating the roof and garage. External ants service includes treating all around the walls, window frames, retaining walls, fences, garden beds, sheds and sub-floor (if applicable).

Sign of ants infestation in your house

Common signs Of ant infestation

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How Melbourne Ants Pest Control Expert Near You Can Keep Your Home Safe?

Effective ants pest control in Melbourne will require a lot more than just a spray. We have the expertise to exterminate ants from your property by using the right chemicals to eliminate the problem. Along with our ants pest control services in Melbourne, you can help a lot too. Below are some tips to keep your ants away from your home and limiting them from entering your property.

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Melbourne ants pest control service will require correct identification of what we are dealing with. Hero Pest Control technician will thoroughly inspect property and then do apply ant extermination treatment accordingly.

How Ant Removal Melbourne Works?

When dealing with ants infestation, it is important to plan on what kind of treatment will work. While various methods of ant treatment are available choosing the right one is our job. We will choose a method that will work the best to exterminate ants from your home.


What methods do you use for ant control?

We use proven extermination methods for ants pest control Melbourne service. We begin by conducting a thorough inspection to identify and locate ant nests or entry points. Based on our findings, we apply appropriate measures such as baiting, dusting, or liquid treatments to eliminate existing ant colonies.

What Causes Ant Infestation?

Common causes include the availability of food and water sources, attractive nesting conditions, and easy access to your property. Proper sanitation, sealing entry points, and seeking professional ants pest control in Melbourne can help eliminate the factors that contribute to ant infestations and prevent them from reoccurring.

Can Ants Be Harmful?

While ants may not directly harm you, their presence can be a nuisance and affect the cleanliness and hygiene of your home. To address ant problems and remove any potential risk of harm, it is advisable to seek professional Melbourne ants pest control services.

How can I Prevent Ants From Entering My Home?

To prevent ants from entering your home in Melbourne, there are several proactive steps you can take. To start with some easy steps you should, ensure proper sanitation, seal any entry points, such as gaps around windows, doors and remove sources of excess moisture by fixing leaks. Additionally, regularly inspect and clean your outdoor bins to make the property less attractive to ants. If you continue to experience ant issues, seeking professional ants pest control in Melbourne can help solvethe problem effectively and provide long-term ant control.

What Are Some Natural Ant Repellent?

Some common natural ant repellents include:

Vinegar, lemon or citrus. peppermint oil and cinnamon.

While natural ant repellents can help as a temporary solution, they may not provide long-lasting control. For more effective and long term results, it is best to call professionals in Melbourne ants pest control and we can assess the situation and provide targeted solutions.

What do I do If Ants Appear Inside After Treatment?

If ants appear inside your home after treatment for ant pest control in Melbourne, remain calm and take a few steps to manage the situation. Firstly, avoid spraying any over-the-counter insecticides or cleaning the treated areas immediately, as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the professional treatment. Monitor the ant activity and note any entry points. Notify us and discuss if you have any concerns. Remember that it is not uncommon for a few ants to be seen initially after treatment, as it takes time for complete extermination of the colony. With professional support and ongoing communication with our Melbourne ants pest control experts, your ant issue can be effeciently solved.

What guarantees that the ants will go and not come back?

We strive to provide effective ant pest control in Melbourne, aiming to eliminate ant infestations and prevent their return. While we cannot guarantee that ants will never return, we offer our customers assurance through our detailed approach. We use proven methods and quality products to target ant colonies, disrupt their trails, and exterminate existing infestations. You can trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering reliable and long-lasting results for your Melbourne ants pest control needs.

How do you remove or control Argentine, Carpenter and Pharaoh Ants?

At Hero Pest Control, we specialize in removing and controlling various ant species, including Argentine ants, Carpenter ants and Pharaoh ants in Melbourne. Our experts use specific strategies for each ant species:

Argentine Ants: We locate and target their colonies, disrupting their trails and applying appropriate perimeter treatments to eliminate them.

Carpenter Ants: We identify and treat their nests, often located in wood structures. We use methods like dusts, baits, or targeted liquid treatments to eliminate carpenter ant colonies. It may take multiple treatments to effectively manage carpenter ants.

Pharaoh Ants: Due to their challenging nature, we utilize a combination of baits and residual insecticides to control Pharaoh ant infestations.

Our Melbourne ants pest control services are designed to provide targeted treatments for each ant species, ensuring efficient removal and long-term control. We also offer preventive measures to help mitigate future ant problems. With Hero Pest Control, you can trust our expertise in effectively removing and controlling different ant species in Melbourne.


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