How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

If there’s one thing Melbourne homeowners can complain about in unison, that’s probably about ant infestation. We always wonder how to get rid of ants in your home? It’s a constant problem in these parts of Australia! It’s not uncommon for Aussies to find ants messing up their kitchen and ruining their food. They could be crawling all around the house, which can be problematic.

Not only can ants damage your plants or your property, but it’s really their bite that you worry about all the time, especially if you have young kids playing around unaware of the dangers of ants. Hero Pest Control specialises in providing fast pest control Melbourne services to exterminate ants. If you need professional hep to get rid of them, please get in touch with us.

Naturally, you want to get rid of ants in your home, especially if it appears that there’s already an infestation. Before you order those harsh chemicals that can cause harm to your family, too, you should first give these household solutions a try:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just an effective cleaning and deodorizing solution. It’s also an excellent treatment for common insects, including ants. It’s quite simple to prepare, too. You just need to add some powdered sugar to baking soda and place a saucer of this mixture in areas where you notice ants. Baking soda will disrupt the ants’ body functions and kill them. This is especially effective with sugar ants.


Borax works the same way as baking soda, so it’s a good substitute if you don’t have baking soda at home. Borax can mess with an ant’s digestive system and even dry its exoskeleton. However, you need to nail the ratio for this to work. Do it 1:1 to eliminate ants in the house.

White Vinegar

Another natural ant-repellent solution, white vinegar, can disrupt the movements of ants as it effectively destroys the pheromone trails. You should mix it with water, though, to reduce the concentration. You’ll notice as soon as you spray white vinegar that the ants lose their sense of direction. Additionally, ants hate the smell of vinegar, so if you don’t want ants to come back, spray vinegar liberally on all main entries or on surfaces that should be off-limits to ants, like your kitchen counter and dining table.

Soap and Water

You can also try a soap and water solution. Soap coats the ant’s body and suffocates it to death. Similar to how vinegar works, a soap and water solution can wash away the pheromone trail, so ants get disoriented. The more liquid soap you add to the solution, the better. You can pour it on a spray bottle, so it’s easier to use.


Chalk can easily be found in school supply stores. Your kids may even have some! You can use chalk to repel ants. By simply drawing a chalk line, you can keep ants away from any area you don’t want them to reach. It’s because ants cannot cross chalk lines as the powdery material cuts the pheromone trail that they use to communicate. You can go all out on this and draw chalk lines around the house, around windows, and other entry points.


These are just simple ways to get rid of ants at home. You can give each one a try and see which one works best for you! Of course, if you think there’s already an ant invasion and it’s becoming too much for you to handle, you can simply call one of the trusted ants pest control companies in your area that can handle your problem quickly.

Hero Pest Control Melbourne is a trusted company that offers reliable pest control services. Whether you’re dealing with colonies of ants, roaches, rats, or others, our team of experienced exterminators can get rid of them for you! Contact us today, and let’s get rid of those pests!

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