Pests to Watch Out for During Winter in Australia

Melbourne, Australia is well-known for its sunny climate, perfect for beach trips and nature getaways. But come winter season, we can also face cold weather conditions that convince people to stay indoors and remain warm and cosy.

No matter the season, you can be at risk of experiencing pests invading your home as they seek shelter. Wintertime can bring about various pests, primarily insects. In Melbourne you can expect to see them throughout the year. However it’s only during the colder season where specific types of pests appear and cause havoc in people’s households.

Luckily, you can always call on pest control Melbourne companies near you. We will come over, assess your situation, and return prepared with the right equipment to solve your problems. Keep reading below to learn the common pests to watch out during winter in Australia.


Ants are everywhere and can invade your home easily without being noticed. They arrive in colonies and start chaos in your kitchen, bedroom, and other areas where there’s food and a suitable place for them to live and breed.

Before the situation becomes uncontrollable, you should call for pest control services to address your ant problem. They have a unique chemical solution to eliminate ants effectively without allowing the insects to spread throughout the rest of your property.


If you’re feeling itchy every time you lie in bed, bed bugs could be the culprit. They prey on you, bite you, and cause discomfort. Before the bugs get on your furniture and affect you and your family’s quality of living, you should eliminate them to prevent ruining your winter.

A professional company can come and apply a special form of treatment to take care of the bedbugs. As for the bedsheets, clothes, and other fabrics that the bed bugs infected, you should leave them out in the cold to eliminate any leftover traces.

Fortunately, Pest Control Services can come to the rescue to help you locate them and exterminate them for good. You must act right away at first sight of bedbugs to prevent further growth.


Rats can bring diseases and germs into your home, and that’s the last thing you want to happen when you strive to keep you and your family healthy and safe every day. An essential way to prevent rodents from infesting your property is to keep your place clean at all times.

But once you catch sight of them, you will require rat control services immediately. They have the equipment to trap rodents without leaning towards chemicals that could cause poisoning. To avoid attracting rats to your premises, you shouldn’t store food in easy to reach places. Rodents are one of the most common pests to keep a watch during winter months.


Ants, bedbugs, termites, and rodents are just some of the typical pests you can find during the winter season in Australia. If you think your house has pest problems, you should call a professional to perform a pest inspection to eliminate your pest issues ASAP. Tackling the problem early prevents the pests from multiplying and causing more damage down the line.

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