Tips To Help You Exterminate Mice in Your Home

Finding a mouse in your house is never convenient. It is something that nobody likes to address, especially after discovering mouse droppings in the bathroom or kitchen’s pantry. Below we will take a look at tips to help you exterminate mice from your home.

The presence of mice at home may lead to an infestation since they reproduce at a fast rate. The other concern is that mice hide in different places in your house. After you discover an unwelcome pest, what steps should you take to exterminate it?

Sources of the Infestation

Every home has tiny entry points holes, to make room for your gas, electricity, data, and water lines etc. Mice coming from the ground or sewage often move along these utility lines, heading to the cavities on your floors and walls and entering your home. Mice can squeeze into really tiny areas as well.

Also, your home’s state of sanitation, or the lack thereof, is critical. Rodents will congregate around any rotting garbage or food that you didn’t properly seal. Among their favourite food are dry products such as bread, fast food, and crackers. Put all of your cleaning equipment to good use and keep a spotless kitchen to prevent pests.

Furthermore, if your neighbour has solved their mice problem, they may move to your home.

The Most Effective Method of Exterminating Mice From Your Home

One of the first tips to help you exterminate mice from your home is trapping. Trapping is best for dealing with a relatively new rodent issue. Keep in mind that if you captured one, there’s a possibility it’s not the only one. Known to move with their whole family is something that mice do. In reality, there may be as many as twenty mice within a wall cavity at any given time.

Mice Within Your Walls

When it comes to wall spaces, you may want to consider putting panels into your walls with small openings in them. Set a trap inside the entrance, and once you capture the pest, you can simply remove it from the trap.


Building structural repairs or pest-proofing the whole house to close off entry spots is the fastest and long-term solution for this situation. A pest expert will check to devise a strategy tailored to your problem. It essentially consists of sealing up all entry points that lead to your home.

Our team of specialists may use a mix of construction-grade materials such as heat-resistant expanding polymer foam, fast-drying cement, or 1/4 inch construction steel mesh to seal the gaps. They’ll follow with water-resistant, paintable silicone caulk and plaster to complete the job.

The whole procedure should take no more than a day, providing long-term protection. With structural repairs, you can efficiently exterminate mice one night since they will no longer be able to access your property.

Tips To Eliminate Mice in Your Home Humanely

If you opt to avoid using hazardous pesticides to keep pests away, you may use a proven hack that is used on farms. You will need a bucket, preferably five gallons, and a steel wire strung over the top of the bucket to complete your DIY mousetrap project.

Make a tiny hole on one part of a soda can, thread the wire through before spreading peanut butter on that soda can. Mice will be tempted to climb up and stroll over the steel wire but will eventually tumble into your bucket.

Natural Way to Exterminate Mice

There are other natural options that you may use to discourage mice from entering your premises. Various fragrances are said to deter mice from invading due to their keen sense of smell.

Try soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil and placing them near areas where mice infiltrate your home. Stuff cheesecloth sachets with cayenne pepper, cloves, and mint and distribute them all over your home. Capfuls of ammonia have also been reported to be effective when placed near problematic areas.


There are several indications that mice have finally left your premises. If there is absence of droppings and scratching or scurrying sounds, hopefully, this is the end of the story. A week without observing droppings is generally considered to be sufficient time to be sure that your home is finally clear of pests.

After using the above tips to help you exterminate mice in your home, if you still face an issue, Hero Pest Control Melbourne is the one to call for efficient mice pest control and rat pest control. We are your reliable local exterminators offering the best residential pest control Melbourne services, not just of rats and mice, but all kinds of pests that plague your home. We can work around your schedule and are available every day to provide same-day service. Book your local pest control exterminator hero now by calling 0481 824 376.

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