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Whether you are facing a rodent issue or need a spider spray, whether it is a rat in the roof or a dead animal removal, Hero Pest Control is the best choice for pest control services in Narre Warren. Pests stand no chance against our proven methods that simply work. We have worked with local families for pest extermination including rodent control, spraying for spiders, ants extermination and more pest removal services. 

Narre Warren, a vibrant suburb in Victoria, seamlessly blends modern living with natural beauty and caters to a range of lifestyles. The highlight of the area is the renowned Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, offering an plenty of retail, dining, and entertainment choices for residents to enjoy. Along with all this Narre Warren has it’s own share of pest & rodent problems.

Contact Hero Pest Control on 0481824376 for the best pest control service in Narre Warren, Victoria. All our services come with unmatchable guarantees to ensure your piece of mind.

Pest Control Narre Warren Services

Why Choose Hero Pest Control?

Our Narre Warren pest control technicians are fully trained & possess the knowledge to fulfill your needs of eliminating pests from your house. In Narre Warren, every day, every week, more families have realised that having a pest control treatment carried out is the best defence to protect homes, families and pets from the nasty pests.

We have a long experience of dealing with wide range of pest problems. Furthermore, we treat your home as if we would our own, using same procedures that we would use at our house. Also our promise is to work with you until your house becomes pest free. So, why delay? Call us on 0481824376 for any questions you may have regarding pest control in Narre Warren


Pest Control Needs in Homes

Homeowners often engage in pest control Narre Warren service on an ongoing basis. Usually residents get a yearly barrier spray service yearly, wasp nest removal, rat removal or cockroach control when required. Dead animal removal also forms part of frequently used services. Although we all work hard to keep our surroundings pest free but the nasty critters and rodents still somehow manage to enter our homes.

So, the question arises, how to get rid of wasps, rodents, ants, spiders, cockroaches, dead animal and other pests from your home in Narre Warren? Although you can do a lot to try and keep them under control yourself but we highly recommend engaging a reliable & professional service providing pest control in Narre Warren. Our professional pest exterminators in Narre Warren know which effective pest control procedures to apply to your home.

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What Do We Offer?

Hero Pest Control Narre Warren

Why Use Professional Exterminator Services?

As a homeowner you give your best to prevent your home from being invaded by pests. Hence, when you use a professional pest control service provided by Hero Pest Control, you are engaging someone who has done a lot of work in the field. We understand the pests and have the knowledge to eliminate and provide future control as well. Plus, we are fully licensed to use the approved products in the right mix to give you maximum protection, while keeping your family safe at the same time.

Whether it is spider spray or a rodent control treatment, our professional exterminator services in Narre Warren come with free service periods. That simply means that we will come back to provide you free service in case our initial pest treatment does not work. However, it will not happen. When you are dealing with Hero Pest Control, you are getting best pest removal in Melbourne.
Yes! We are that confident with our pest control methods. It’s simply the best pest control on offer in Narre Warren.

Most Popular Services In Narre Warren

rodent control Narre Warren by Hero Pest Control

Rodent Control

Dealing with rodents in your Narre Warren home can be a tiring task. Hero Pest Control is here to help! Our professional and experienced team specializes in rodent removal services in Narre Warren and surrounding areas.

We understand the frustration and damage that rodents can cause, which is why we offer fast, efficient, and effective solutions.

Cockroach Control

If you’re struggling with a cockroach infestation in Narre Warren, you’re not alone. At Hero Pest Control, we provide effective and affordable cockroach control services in Narre Warren to help you rid your home of these unwanted guests.

Cockroach Control Narre Warren By Hero Pest Control
Wasp Removal Narre Warren By Hero Pest Control

Wasp Nest Removal

Are you tired of the annoying wasps buzzing around your home? Not only are they annoying, but their stings can be painful and even dangerous for those who are allergic. With the help of Hero Pest Control in Narre Warren, you can take control of your wasp problem and enjoy a safe backyard with your friends and family. We offer perfect wasp control services to eliminate them from your property.

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From rodent control to ant & spider spray, our pest control services in Narre Warren come with free service periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the pest control treatment take?

A: The duration of the treatment depends on the type and severity of the infestation. We will provide you with an estimate of the treatment time during the initial consultation.

Q: Are your products safe for my kids and pets?

A: Yes, we use products that are safe for your kids and pets.

Q: Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee for all our pest control Narre Warren services. If you're not satisfied with our work, we'll come back and make it right.

Q: How often should I get pest control services?

A: The frequency of pest control services depends on the type and severity of the infestation, as well as the location of your property. We recommend getting a spray every 6-12 months for preventative measures against crawling insects.

Q: How do I book a service with Hero Pest Control in Narre Warren?

A: Simply ring us on 0481824376 and we can discuss your Narre Warren pest control services and pick a time that suits you for the appointment.

Local Hero Pest Control technicians in Narre Warren


We work hard to provide you with efficient Narre Warren pest control services to make your home pest free for you as quick as possible. For your peace of mind we are fully licensed and insured. At Hero Pest Control we have the expertise to eliminate unwanted pests from your home and make it safe for the entire family. Call us for best pest removal in Narre Warren today!


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