4 Sure Fire Signs Your House Has an Ant Infestation

If you’ve seen a few ants scurrying about on the floor, they could be taking a look around. They might, however, be an indication of a more extensive ant invasion. Here are four tell-tale signs that your house has an ants infestation from Melbourne pest control experts. Because ants are most active after dusk, keep an eye out for evidence of ant activity during these hours.

Where Do Ants Come From?

Before we go any further, let’s take a brief refresher on natural ant habitats. Every organism has a natural home. Your garden is one of them, and that goes for many insects and crawling arthropods, including ants.

Ants create enormous groupings known as colonies. However, the size of these groups varies greatly depending on the kind of ant and where they are found.

They live in hollow places like tree stumps inside your wall and have also been observed lurking under baseboards, mouldings, and counters.

4 Signs You Have an Ant Problem

There are several clear indications and signs that your house has an ants infestation, but some of them are easy to overlook unless you know what to look for. Check for the four most frequent ant indications to see whether you need to hire a pest control professional.

Seeing a Few Ants Scurrying About

This may seem simple, but it is all too easy to dismiss a few ants near your home as “just one of nature’s wonders.”

Keep a close eye on the ants. Have they made a path? Do they appear to be entering your house or climbing your walls?

Ants frequently leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow to find food. If you see a line of ants travelling purposefully towards or away from your door, it’s time to think strategically.

Presence of Ant Trails Inside or Near Your Home

Ant colonies are complex ecosystems with specific responsibilities for the ants that live inside them. Worker ants, often known as scouts, will depart from their nests in search of food. When they leave their nests, they leave pheromones behind to help them find their way back to their colonies.

When they strike the jackpot for supper, scouts will lay down more pheromones to warn the remainder of the colony, which will utilize the fragrance to find their way back to the food source. Ants are hard at work if you observe ant trails in or near your home!

Ants in Your Pet’s Food Bowl

Ants will consume any food source, including pet food. You may have an ant infestation if you observe stray ants or a line of ants leading to and in your pet’s dish or the surrounding area. To avoid attracting ants, keep pet feeding places clean and dry.

Presence of Tiny Dirt Heaps

Small mounds of dirt, usually on the grass, seen around ant nests might indicate an infestation. If ants carry dirt into your home, it is most likely on the ground level near your baseboards. Although the accumulation of dirt and trash is a common occurrence, especially on the floor of your house, the continuous accumulation of dirt might indicate a pest issue.


An ant presence that seemed insignificant might soon spiral out of hand if the situation is not addressed. Early detection of an ant issue is essential. This might help you avoid the issues that come with a large ant infestation.

When dealing with ant infestations in your house or company, you should contact our professionals. Our pest control professionals at Hero Pest Control Melbourne are experts on how to get rid of ants. They can provide the safest and most effective solutions, so you don’t have to worry about the health of other household members. Contact us today for a pest-free solution!

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