6 Hiding Spots For Cockroaches

6 Common Hiding Spots For Cockroaches

Have you ever wondered ‘where do cockroaches hide?’ We don’t blame you.

A nocturnal species, cockroaches are one of the most evasive, irritating pests of all, cockroaches love playing hide-and-seek. Cockroaches are small, fast & agile insects, who can effortlessly squeeze themselves into very tight places. We at Hero Pest Control provide the best pest control Melbourne services. If you are facing an infestation that has gone out of control, feel free to get in touch

Below are 6 most common spots where cockroaches are hiding in any premises. Look out for them before they cause an out of control infestation in your home in Melbourne.

1 – Kitchen Cabinets

Yes that’s right. Roaches can sniff the tiniest of food crumbs in your cabinets and then go for a tour on your plates before you use them. Simple method of cockroach control is regular cleaning of your cupboards and keeping all food in air tight containers.

2 – Appliances

Cockroaches love the comfort of warm places like stoves, heaters, microwaves, coffee machines and toasters. These are all hotspots for a cockroach infestation. Always clean your appliances after use on a daily basis. 

3 – Pipes

Cockroaches will often use pipes to travel to different rooms and sections of your home. Ultimately, pipes provide cockroaches the perfect conditions for them to thrive in dark and moist places where mold can become a delicious treat for them. Keep a close eye on any leaks and fix them immediately if you find any. 

4 – Electronics

Always keep your phone, computer, laptop or gaming console super clean. Avoid eating feed while using your electronics as little crumbs that fall may become a tasty treat for the cockroaches and they may also find it easy to hide in your electronics.

5 – The Ceiling

Did you know at night time cockroaches can hide on the ceiling? Cockroaches will come out at night to wander around & hasten away as you turn the lights on. Best to keep them away before it comes to this situation.

6 – Furniture

Sofas and armchairs make a very suitable place for cockroaches to hide. Always pick up the cusions and use a hand held vacuum cleaner to clean your furniture to prevent cockroach infestation. 

Best Cockroach Control in Melbourne

While keeping an eye out for cockroaches in these hiding spots is important, if you see the cockroach infestation going out of control contact us immediately on 0481824376. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is a professional cockroach pest control treatment. At Hero Pest Control, we have the experience and knowledge to eliminate cockroaches from your home in Melbourne. We provide services for best cockroach control in Melbourne, servicing the south eastern suburbs.

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